Posted on Jan 18, 2022
Guest speaker at our Rotary meeting, Gerry O'Brien and his wife started a Cycling Without Age chapter in Goderich last summer at Goderich Place and will be expanding the service this summer.  Cycling Without Age is a volunteer organization that makes seniors feel welcome again in the communities where they might otherwise think they have been forgotten. The simple act of taking them for a bike ride reconnects them with nature, their community and the world around them. There are currently 8 trained pilots operating the service in Goderich. Gerry explained the service; local volunteers called ‘pilots’ visit homes, care and senior centers / facilities around the community and offer rides on the Trishaw. Being out in nature and with the ‘pilots’, nurtures emotional well- being. Nature rides make passengers smile, bring back their memories, and allow them to be part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself. The belief is life can and should be beautiful at any age – even at 100!