Posted on Jan 27, 2022
Through our partnership with Lake Huron Coastal Centre we are excited to announce completion of the app developed to help manage the Coast Watchers program. Rotary contributed $10,000 towards the project with several members interested in becoming coast Watchers next season Shown here is Rotarian Doug Ellacott making the presentation to Erinn Lawrie, Executive director of Lake Huron Coastal Centre. 

 Coast Watchers has been a major program designed to engage members of the community to take an active part in observing and improving the quality of our nearshore waters through individual actions since 2005 Community volunteers are trained to observe the coast, record qualitative and quantitative shoreline conditions, and take steps to initiate action , including beach clean-ups and habitat preservation. Coast Watchers volunteers were the eyes and ears of Lake Huron’s coast. With Coast Watcher volunteers collecting information methodically and consistently along the lakeshore, tracking conditions and trends long-term, and completing actions towards resiliency and sustainability in the short-term. With the development of the app volunteers will have enhanced capabilities to support their efforts.