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By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources
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Meetings are less frequent and a combination of online and open air due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols. Join us by checking the Speakers section and contacting the club secretary for a meeting link.
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Life during wartime: a frontline report

As the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approached, a firsthand account shows how Rotary members are responding to this humanitarian crisis.

Rotary projects around the globe - February 2023

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the United States, Bolivia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Malaysia.

Remembering Jewish Salonica

Albert Bourla's story of how his parents survived the Holocaust provides a vivid picture of the Jewish experience in Thessaloniki. His story has important lessons today for all of us in our very troubled world.

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The Lower Maitland River Valley
Invited to our January 24 club meeting were representatives of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Laura Vaughan, Jill Crosthwaite and Candace Affleck.  The ladies introduced us to the NCC -  explaining the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the country’s unifying force for nature, working to deliver large-scale, permanent land conservation. With nature we are building a thriving world. While there are many projects underway across Canada discussed we were introduced to the Lower Maitland River Valley project.

A rare refuge for endangered species

The Lower Maitland River Valley Natural Area is part of the Eastern Great Lakes Lowland Forests region. This forest region occurs as a narrow band stretching from the central shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, across the north shore of Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River corridor, into Quebec and northern New York State. The conservation status of this entire region is critical due to habitat loss, fragmentation and pollution.


The Lower Maitland River Valley is influenced by the Great Lakes coast. As a result it has a high number of rare species and ecosystems. It features a large mature forest complex and cliffs. The Maitland River also serves as a high quality aquatic system. Watch the video at the bottom of this page and see the Maitland River as viewed from the shore.


Significant animals in both the terrestrial and aquatic habitats include rare snakes, turtles and fish. The Lower Maitland River Valley is a rare stronghold for many species in southern Ontario. In particularly the nationally threatened queen snake can be found here. Its population in this valley is likely the most viable for this species in southern Ontario.


Both Indigenous Peoples and European settlers have a long history in the Lower Maitland River Valley Natural Area. It is an important area for protecting terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity in the Great Lakes basin.

Conservation status 

NCC is working with conservation partners, including the Maitland River Conservation Authority and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, to ensure that this ecologically significant area is protected.

We were pleased and honored to have as our guest speaker at the January 10 club meeting our newly elected Mayor Myles Murdock.
The mayor is excited about the new term and the quality of his Council and is eager to get to work.  We were given a summary of the past year in review, the outlook and challenges for the coming year and some economic growth opportunities for the community followed by a question period. 
Rotary Club club members joined a volunteer team to install the ice rink boards at Victoria Park in record time this year.  shown here the Goderich Fire Department is flooding the rinks.   Cold weather is all that is needed. Let the fun begin.
We are pleased to be supporting the Huron RASP (Recreation, Arts & Sports Program) facilitated by the YMCA. The program provides opportunities for Children and youth across Huron county to participate in activities regardless of their financial circumstances. Rotarian Leah Noel is shown presenting our donation to RASP coordinator Nick Hext and Goderich-Huron YMCA GM Travis Watson
The table tennis (Ping Pong) tables have been winterized to protect them from the severe and harsh winters experienced at the Rotary cove thanks to Rotarian Ken McGee who contacted Dick Peever of Maitland Marina.  Mr Peever did the work at his own expense for the Rotary Club.  Thanks a million Dick.